Desert Greening

Desert greening is the process of man-made reclamation of deserts for ecological reasons (biodiversity), farming and forestry. Also for reclamation of natural water systems and other life support systems. It is done by various methods. So far only arid and semi-arid desert are meant when using the expression. The icy deserts and others are considered unsuitable. Desert greening is an important topic as it can solve the global water, energy and food crises.

Deserts aren’t just inhospitable, they’re also big, covering roughly 1/3 of the world’s land mass. What’s worse, deserts are on the march — analysts estimate that due to desertification, Mexico is forced to abandon 400 square miles of farmland each year, while 24,000 villages in northern and western China have been abandoned since 1950. The spread of deserts is of course being exacerbated by global warming, and it inevitably leads to stress and warfare as it creates refugees and forces people to compete for diminished resources.



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