to the web platform of one of Rhizo’s members, Robert Senftleben, newly graduated KaosPilot, traveler and ecological regenerator.
On this blog you can follow his writings, find contacts, meetings resumes, and much other stuff to follow the latest update of Rhizo’s working and its plans.
Furthermore the blog tries to serve as a platform to find basic information about ecological restoration and to portray how simple it actually is. 

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take a look at UPDATES, to continuously follow Robert’s joyful journey and progress in the happy work

 Basic Natural Ecological Systems Function Understanding
What is greening the desert and of what size is the challenge we are facing?
Is it really possible to face it and solve these problems that we are facing, seemingly diverse and difficult to handle, like famine, poverty, hunger, starvation, wars and climate change, are they maybe even connected?
Now that we know it is possible,
What can we do about it, and where should we move next, we need all ideas, people, organizations, techniques and technology on board. Share your ideas and tell us how you want to support and take part.

Involving millions globally in Restoring Large Scale Damaged Ecological Systems – COME ON!